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Academy of the Sacred Heart (New Orleans)

The Academy of the Sacred Heart, “The Rosary” is an all-girls Catholic independent school in the city of New Orleans. Founded in 1867, the school has a long history that is rooted in the spiritual charism of the Society of the Sacred Heart. The Society of the Sacred Heart articulates its charism in the Catholic Church in its Constitutions in the following way: By our charism, we are consecrated to GLORIFYING THE HEART OF JESUS. We answer His call to discover and reveal His love letting ourselves be transformed by His Spirit so as to live united and conformed to Him, and through our love and service to radiate the very love of His Heart (1982 Constitutions). The Society of the Sacred Heart is sent by the Catholic Church to communicate this sacred charism which is a gift of the Holy Spirit, and it has done this through Catholic education and other ministries since its founding in 1800. 150 schools of the Sacred Heart are now in 41 countries of the world. All of these schools are united in the mission of the Sacred Heart to “make known this love of the God through the heart of Jesus.” This beautiful mission is articulated through the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools. The five goals are to educate to: 1. A personal and active faith in God; 2. A deep respect for intellectual values; 3. A social awareness which impels to action; 4. The building of community as a Christian value; and 5. Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

4521 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70115

Archdiocese of New Orleans