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Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church (LaPlace)

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Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church has thrived as a faith-filled community since 1979. We nurture our Faith and call to discipleship in a variety of ways. Our liturgies, sacraments, Perpetual Adoration Chapel, Social Concern, and Recreation ministries, bible studies, prayer groups form a large part of this effort. We worship as a community in the full confidence of knowing that our Church was established by God through Jesus Christ, which is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.
Lex orandi, lex credendi. In other words, the way we pray reflects how we believe, and the way we worship tells everyone what we believe. When we worship in a sacred space, we feel a strong closeness to God. We are blessed with a beautiful building, but we continue to find ways to improve it. Next, we want to replace the aging carpet in the sanctuary with new flooring, and we will use your generous #iGiveCatholic donations to accomplish this task. Last year, we led the archdiocese in funds raised by church parishes. And we can do this again with your help. Walk with us as we ask for your support in making #iGiveCatholic 2017 another successful campaign for our parish.

799 Fairway Drive
LaPlace, LA 70068

Archdiocese of New Orleans
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