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Blessed Trinity Catholic Community (Missoula)

Living and proclaiming the Gospel of Christ; Fulfilling the Mission of the Catholic Church. In Southwest Missoula and Lolo.
Nearly every day we are asked for emergency help. This request takes many forms: 1. Hotel/motel overnight to tide a family or a couple over until they can get into housing; 2. Applications fees for housing. 3. Food when the family/individual has used up their Missoula Food Bank allotment in a given month. 4. Diapers. 5. Help with utility bills, especially in the cold weather. 6. Help to purchase a prescription. 7. Application fees for citizenship. With your support, we could meet more of the needs of those that come to us for help. Thank you for joining us in providing for those in need.

1475 Eaton St
Missoula, MT 59801

Diocese of Helena