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Diocesan Annual Appeal (Lexington)

The Diocesan Annual Appeal (DAA) is a visible expression of our unity as the Body of Christ. Each donation to the Annual Appeal is a sign that we believe in the Gospel message to “love one another as I have loved you” [John 15:12]. It is an affirmation of our belief that “faith without works is useless” [James 2:20]. Each offering enhances our ability to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of persons who are vulnerable and in need. The DAA funding is distributed via a grant process, and provides vital support for parishes, missions of parishes, Catholic schools, outreach ministries and diocesan-wide programming.
Close to 40 of the parishes and missions of parishes in our Diocese of Lexington cannot pay for their operational and salary expenses from their offertory collections and fundraisers. These parishes are in rural counties where there are few Catholics, and the number of parish members is very small. In addition, these counties have high levels of unemployment and poverty. While they are a tiny minority – sometimes less than 1% of the population – the people of these parishes provide an incredible amount of charitable outreach and civic engagement, far beyond what their numbers would indicate. By helping maintain an active and highly visible Catholic presence in these counties, all of us support these saving ministries and contribute to the Church’s evangelization efforts.

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