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Diocese of Knoxville Office of Marriage Preparation and Enrichment (Knoxville)

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The Office of Marriage Preparation and Enrichment seeks to assist all diocesan couples as they respond to God’s call to holiness through the vocation of marriage. This ministry provides our parishes with resources to support married and engaged couples as they endeavor to strengthen their covenant bond while proclaiming the presence of Jesus Christ within their families and through their daily lives.
To purchase the educational material necessary to spread "Marital 1st Responder" training within the Diocese of Knoxville through trained facilitators. "Marital 1st Responders" is a breakthrough way to help sustain marriages by tapping into the power of their support networks already in place. In other words, by tapping into the people who care the most about those married couples. Chances are high that you are already involved in the work of being a marital 1st responder because your friends, family, and/or coworkers have opened up to you about their marriage. They have done this because they feel that you are trustworthy and safe. Research from The Doherty Relationship Institute shows that 73% of adults have been confidants to someone’s marriage or long term committed relationship at some point in their lives. The goal of this diocesan-wide training is to arm all of these natural confidants with the skills necessary to be more effective and feel more confident in dealing with the married people in their lives who naturally open up to them about marital problems or complaints. Once trained, the first responders will be better able to be intentional in their support of the marriages around them, and it is hoped that this intentional support will help decrease the number of divorces one marriage at a time. To find out more about "Marital 1st responders" go to:

805 S. Northshore Drive
Knoxville, TN 37919

Diocese of Knoxville