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Good Shepherd Catholic Church (Frankfort)

Good Shepherd Catholic Church is a multicultural faith community whose mission is to live the teachings of Jesus Christ: love God, love neighbor, make disciples.
We are raising $15,000 to help send parish youth to Catholic Heart Work Camp in the mountains of Maryland in 2018. Disciples on this mission meet youth and adults from all over the country, worship together, and work together to serve others in need. Reflecting on her previous experiences at CHWC, Jennah Ruebens says, "Catholic Heart Work Camp is about service, connection, and loving others. CHWC provided our parish youth group with service opportunities to restore homes, lift the spirits of children, and bring joy to the elderly and disabled. Throughout my entire CHWC experience, I created lasting friendships and learned the value of a hard day's work and faith in God. These experiences helped me grow in my faith and my awareness of the needy living in every community." Director of Faith Formation, Laura Hack, says about the CHWC experience, "It takes you out of your comfort zone completely and you have to be open to everything around you new and that opens you to the fruit of service-- joy."

70 Shepherd Way
Frankfort, KY 40601

Diocese of Lexington