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Harry Tompson Center (New Orleans)

The mission of the Harry Tompson Center is to provide a day shelter for the homeless where a variety of services are provided, including attending to basic hygienic needs, as well as attempting to find employment, housing, counseling and treatment for addiction and mental illness providing a degree of dignity and comfort to the chronically homeless, with the goal of re-integrating as many of the homeless as possible back into mainstream society. We believe in helping meet the needs of our homeless guests in a way that offers compassion, dignity and respect. We believe in the healing powers of smiles, hugs and knowing a friend’s name. We believe everyone deserves to have their basic needs met and that everyone deserves to have a home. We seek the most vulnerable of our guests and work hard to find appropriate housing for them. We believe in the power of a loving community and seek to build community with all of our guests, staff, volunteers and supporters.
Financial support for daily operations Facility repairs and improvements An expansion of housing placement services for our homeless guests Volunteer Coordination

1803 Gravier Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

Archdiocese of New Orleans