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Hayden Catholic High School (Topeka)

Hayden Catholic High School exists to support students and families in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, cultivating a Roman Catholic faith community based on prayer, Gospel virtues, and Christian service. Together, in a setting of academic excellence, we celebrate the dignity of every person and the presence of Christ within each of us.
Hayden Catholic High School has been working tirelessly to serve its mission for over one hundred years. As the only Catholic high school in the region, Hayden has become a hub for countless activities, sporting events, liturgical opportunities, and academic formation not just for high schoolers, but for all ages. This continuous use, while beneficial to the students and Catholic families of Topeka, has taken its toll on the facilities and in particular, the parking lot. Gifts to Hayden via #iGiveCatholic will allow Hayden the much needed resources to repair and replace its existing parking lot thereby increasing student and visitor safety, campus accessibility, and the overall aesthetic of the property. Your gifts will help ensure that Hayden continues to be a central hub of Catholic activities in the Topeka region and to continue to serve our mission well into the future. Thank you for your consideration and continued support of Hayden Catholic High School.

401 SW Gage Blvd
Topeka, KS 66606

Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas