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Jesus Our Savior Catholic Church (Morehead)

Jesus Our Savior Parish is a Catholic Christian community within the Roman Catholic Church’s Lexington Diocese. As members of Jesus Our Savior Parish, we are a visible presence of Christ in Rowan County and in other parts of northeastern Kentucky. We are a community composed of people with diverse talents and gifts, and we meet together to worship God and to nurture one another as we develop Christian spirituality. We are inspired to serve all people by taking an initiative on social justice concerns and on other matters affecting our neighbors locally, nationally and globally. We strive to gain a better understanding of our Catholic heritage and tradition through education and through meaningful, prayerful liturgy. We recognize the special needs of our diverse community and of our children and young adults by providing educational, social, and service opportunities. As a Christian community, we want to be able to reach out to others and to spread the gospel teachings of justice, compassion, solidarity, and love.
MSU Newman Center Operation - There has been a Newman Center presence in Morehead since 1948. Currently there are more than 500 students at Morehead State University who are Catholic with approximately 75 participating in Newman Center activities. The Newman Center's ministry has played a key role in nurturing students' faith, provide a home away from home and inspired many to develop strong leadership skills. For the past several years, we have received a grant from the Diocese to pay the salary of a Campus Minister and to provide meaningful faith formation activities for the students. This year, we did not receive our typical $25,000 grant due do other critical needs throughout the Diocese. Funds received through iGiveCatholic will be used to keep the Newman Center operating. We have set a stretch goal of $10,000.

315 Battson Oates Dr.
P.O. Box 307
Morehead, KY 40351

Diocese of Lexington