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Legendary Lodge (Salmon Lake)

Serving hundreds of youth every summer, Legendary Lodge camps affirm the great truths of the Catholic faith amidst adventures of fun and friendship. Salmon Lake is the setting for creating memories, building friendships, and experiencing God’s profound love. Each summer, middle, junior high, and high school students leave camp ready to share their faith and enthusiasm with family, friends, and their parish communities.
By restoring and improving space that exists currently, the Lodge can increase camp capacity and accommodate up to 250 more campers each summer. Additionally, the main lodge building, which is the centerpiece of camp, needs a new roof and repairs to shore up the foundation. These renovations will help ensure Legendary Lodge continues to be a place of encounter and renewal for Catholic youth in Montana. Thank you for your generosity!

515 N Ewing St
Helena, MT 59601

Diocese of Helena