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Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School (Hopkinsville)

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The mission of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School is to empower our students with faith, tradition, and knowledge so that they will become contributing and responsible members of our society, and if Catholic, also vital members of our Church. We will foster in our students an awareness of Christ so that they will become a family of loving, learned, and holy people who may hold Christ as the focal center of their lives.
Our school has several needs! Last year, we were very blessed to begin construction on our new building (Phase 1). With this, we have encountered numerous construction costs as well as outfitting a new kitchen. We are also in dire need of more transportation for our students through busing. As time continues, we will need to complete our beautiful school as well, continuing to add on more classrooms and other essentials parts of our school.

902 E. 9th Street
Hopkinsville, KY 42240

Diocese of Owensboro