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Seminarian Formation (Helena)

The Diocese of Helena covers 52,000 square miles in the western portion of Montana embracing 57 parishes and 38 missions, with 18,000 registered Catholic households. There are 39 Diocese of Helena priests, four Jesuit priests and nine priests from outside the Diocese serving the 18,000 registered Catholic households. 29 Diocese of Helena priests are on Senior Status (retirement).
The formation of men pursuing ordination to priesthood is critical to the ability of the Diocese of Helena to provide priestly ministry to our diocesan Church into the future. Seven men are currently studying for the diocese. The estimated total cost for seminary formation for the 2017-18 academic year is $400,000. As we look to the future, our vocation director is working with several college-age students who have an interest in becoming priests. Additional seminarians are a gift to the diocese – a gift that comes with additional costs for formation. Thank you for helping the diocese provide for the future! Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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Diocese of Helena