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St. Angela Merici (Metairie)

St. Angela Merici Parish is a family bound together by a common faith.  We are ever faithful to the Catholic Church and its teachings, revealed to us by Christ, and to the Magisterium (the Pope and the Bishops).  Our Parish family is part of the larger family of the Archdiocese of New Orleans.  We are enriched by our different backgrounds, talents and abilities. In union with the Bishops and the universal Church, and guided by the Holy Spirit, we proclaim our Christianity and our call to live Christ's message and keep Him central in our lives.  We come together in worship and service, unique yet the same, all members of Christ's mystical body. As members of His body, our mission is to worship God; serve our Parish, the Archdiocese, and the universal Church; serve those who need us; enrich each other with our prayers and love; provide religious education; and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.
We are seeking to landscape the greenspace near our church and school. This greenspace holds our playground and sets the backdrop of our outdoor area. We appreciate any donation towards the beautification of our campus. God Bless! Father Beau

901 Beverly Garden
Metairie, LA 70002

Archdiocese of New Orleans