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St. George Catholic Church (Baton Rouge)

St. George Catholic Church is an open, loving parish community united by our faith in Jesus Christ. Located within the Diocese of Baton Rouge, we are closely bound to our diocesan family and the universal Roman Catholic Church. Our prayerful liturgies are community celebrations shaped by a tradition of over one hundred years of Eucharistic worship on this site. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we are called to use our gifts to express our praise, love and thanksgiving to God. We challenge and support one another in humbly living the gospel message and serving the common good as witnesses of Jesus Christ. In support of this mission, St. George Catholic Church strives to: worship God with devotion and celebration; foster continued spiritual development and growth; provide a challenging and quality-filled Catholic educational program; listen and respond to the needs of the parish community; nurture, support and strengthen the family; reach out with love and compassion to serve those in need.
All funds raised through iGiveCatholic will be used for hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

7808 St. George Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Diocese of Baton Rouge