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St. Helen Parish (Amory)

We the faith community of St. Helen Catholic Church are called and assembled by a loving God who created us to love God, to love each other and to love all of creation, by Jesus our model and source of our salvation and by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who makes us one. + We accept our Baptismal commitment to bear witness to Jesus’ presence in the world. + We strive to minister to people’s needs by sharing our time, talent and treasure. + We support peace, justice and the basic human dignity of all people. + We value church community, family life and worshiping as the Body of Christ. + We welcome the responsibility of living and nurturing the gospel values within our community and of passing them on to our children and the unchurched. + We invite others to join with us in the love we share, the charitable works we do and the blessings we enjoy.
A cross to replace the damaged one on the Church Building

PO Box 97
401 8th Ave. S.
Amory, MS 38821

Diocese of Jackson