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St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church (Fairfield)

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St. John the Evangelist Parish and its Mission, St. Matthias, seek to help people find and follow Jesus Christ through the Catholic faith by providing services for its members and community in rural Montana.
Our parish center was built in 1961 and is great need of an upgrade. Our plan is to completely refurbish the kitchen, build an addition with a handicap accessible bathroom, and replace flooring to remove worn and uneven hazards so that our parish gathering space will serve our needs for years to come. The total project will cost $144,000. We have already saved $27,000 with outstanding pledges of $35,000, but that still leaves us far short of the necessary funds. Our parish center welcomes a bunch of activity every week - regular elementary faith classes, weekly youth nights for junior high and high school students, bible study, meals, and fellowship gatherings. As we look to the future, an updated and accessible facility is necessary. Thank you for your prayers and your support as we strive to better serve this area of central Montana.

519 1st Ave S
Fairfield, MT 59436

Diocese of Helena