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St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church (Hapeville)

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St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church is a community of culturally diverse people called to serve God. We fulfill this mission through: celebration of the sacraments, prayer, education, stewardship and evangelization
We would like to improve the functionality and efficiency of the HVAC system in the church sanctuary. Currently the HVAC system provides heating, cooling and air ventilation for the entire church/school facility and the thermostat control is located away from the sanctuary in a different part of the building. An upgraded system will allow us to equip the sanctuary with its own thermostat control panel. This would not only result in energy and cost savings for our parish, but it would also give us the ability to adjust the temperature to more comfortable levels in the sanctuary.

230 Arnold Street
Hapeville, GA 30354

Archdiocese of Atlanta