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St. Joseph Missionary Cenacle (Holy Trinity)

The Mission of St. Joseph Child Development Center is to assist parents in preparing their pre-school age children for a life-time of learning, so that the children will develop a love for learning and will receive a solid foundation for the next stage in their development.
Tuition dollars needed for 2-4 year old children to attend preschool in rural Russell County. St. Joseph Child Development Center lives as a mission of the St. Joseph Missionary Cenacle in Holy Trinity, Alabama (Trinity Missions). The preschool serves 64 children and their families. Two 4-year-old classes participate in the state funded preschool program, sustained by the preschool's ability to match grants submitted to the state by our community. However, our two-year-old class and three-year-old class operate solely as part of the work of the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity. We seek to provide access to families who, for various reasons (finances, rural isolation, time and schedules, etc) do not otherwise benefit from preschool communities--communities engaging families and teachers in ways that promote growth in their knowledge of childhood development, awareness of Faith and strength in their relationship with God. Often what our families are able to give towards tuition falls short of the operating costs of our existing programs, which threatens our sustainability and keeps us from growing (i.e. summer programs, larger faith outreach, etc.) Full tuition amount per child per year is $5,250. The difference between full tuition for all children and what our families are able to pay is $84,420. Please donate tuition money for families so we can continue to raise up our wonderful preschool and religious community. We urge individuals to come together to support a child's tuition. It would take approximately 35 people donating 150 dollars to fund one student’s tuition. Come together and spread the word!

1444 HWY 165
Ft. Mitchell, AL 36856

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