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St. Lawrence Catholic Church (Lawrenceville)

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As human persons, like you, we are constantly evolving; and as followers of Jesus we are ever deepening our Christian Discipleship. Being a diverse parish community, a beautiful reflection of the Universal Church within God’s creation, we do this best united with each other, and with each other united to the Lord! Our mission is to help all who enter St. Lawrence know that they are welcomed, and we give everyone who comes here opportunities to Seek God, Encounter Christ, Grow as Disciples, and Share the Gospel.
The way we pray reflects how we believe, and the way we worship tells everyone what we believe. When we worship in a sacred space, we feel a strong closeness to God. Without doubt, we are blessed with a beautiful Church, and we continue to find ways to improve it and bring everyone in to full participation in the Mass. Upcoming improvements include multi-media digital presentation equipment, permanent hymnals, a new organ, liturgical art for our adoration chapel, and other liturgical enhancements that will keep our Liturgy vibrant and relevant for years to come. We will use your generous #iGiveCatholic donations to accomplish these tasks. We can do this with your help. We ask for your support in making #iGiveCatholic 2017 a hugely successful campaign for our parish, St. Lawrence.

319 Grayson Hwy.
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Archdiocese of Atlanta