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St. Mark Catholic Church (Richmond)

We are a Holy Roman Catholic Church in union with the Holy Father and Diocesan Bishop. We are an active faith community in Richmond, KY, that includes the ministries of St Mark School, the Catholic Campus Ministry at EKU, and Hispanic outreach. We evangelize the Word and embody the Sacraments rooted in the love and spirit of our Community and the world.
A MATCHING DONOR came to us and said they would give us $10,000 if we would match that same $10,000 with parishioner donations. The generous out of state donor who has ties to Saint Mark, wants to make sure that the front doors are repaired to working order. In the past few years, the original rock frame around our doors has become weak and we have avoided using the doors as often as we would like because they are difficult to lock and unlock. The donor would also like to make sure that the stained glass behind the altar is repaired as there is a small water leak. The largest use of the funds, will be going toward a new roof on the Church/School building. For years, our hallways have leaked after a rainy day. This fundraiser would make sure that we are on our way to replacing the old roof.

608 West Main Street
Richmond, KY 40475

Diocese of Lexington