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St. Mary Parish (Mobile)

We, the people of St. Mary Parish, responding to God's call, come together to live a Catholic Christian life. We invite others to welcome Christ into their lives and strive to build the kingdom of God. We seek to provide an environment for faith-filled worship, ongoing education, and dedicated service to each other and the community.
St. Mary Parish is proposing the beginning of Annunciation Academy. The St. Mary Annunciation Academy proposes to serve students who will not find success in a traditional Catholic high school. This new program is for high school students with special needs and is separate and apart from St. Mary Catholic School and offers a curriculum that is not currently offered in a regular high school setting/program in Mobile or Baldwin Counties. The Academy will offer independent living skills, occupational skills, and opportunities to be prepared for post high school programs. ❤It is the goal of St. Mary Annunciation Academy to create an environment that accesses all aspects of a child’s life: spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional. By doing so, we can create a Catholic community where the pursuit of academics, life skills, physical well-being, and emotional well-being is brought to life in a safe and nurturing environment that seeks to model the life of Jesus Christ. The religious and academic goals of the school challenge the students, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, parish members, clergy and community at large to develop and maintain a life-giving spiritual dimension, high moral character, self-worth, self-discipline, respect for the dignity and rights of others, service to others, community, and concern for the common good. In addition, The Saint Mary Annunciation Academy recognizes that all students are God’s children, including those with emotional challenges and severe learning differences.

106 Providence Street
1453 Old Shell Road
Mobile, AL 36604

Archdiocese of Mobile