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St. Mary's Catholic School (West)

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St. Mary's Catholic School seeks God's will as we love, encourage, and educate all students in the Catholic faith, helping them to reach their highest potential in spirit, mind, body, and service.
RESTROOM RENOVATIONS The elementary building restrooms were part of an addition to the existing two-story building in 1949. They have had a few updates since then, but are now in need of a major renovation. When problems arise from the restrooms, many times parts can no longer be ordered for the current equipment. These restrooms are used daily by St. Mary's PreK - 5th grade students, by CCE students every Wednesday night, and Boy Scouts during their meetings. We have received preliminary plans from Winton Engineering, Inc., are in consultation with Lochridge Priest regarding the plumbing in the old building, and seeking the advice of Larry Hykel Construction as a project manager. The school has an asbestos report, and during the renovation, the construction will have to include abatement. Upon initial consultation, the estimated construction costs have helped to set the fundraising goal at $100,000. This renovation will bring the restrooms up to ADA compliance, and our hope is that it will remain in great condition for the youngest members of our parish for many years to come. Last year a blessing of $22,515 was received from giving individuals like you during the #iGiveCatholic campaign, and our hope is that we may continue to grow this fund and make this renovation a reality in the near future. The 2016 iGiveCatholic funds have helped begin the process, and are in an account only to be used for this purpose. Thank you for your consideration and God bless.

507 W. Spruce St.
PO Box 277
West, TX 76691

Diocese of Austin