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St. Peter Claver (Lexington)

At St. Peter Claver we are a community of faith, made up of parishioners who uphold & celebrate our Catholic tradition. We believe in a community which supports families and children, transcending racial, economic, and geographic boundaries for the purpose of worship, outreach, religious education, and fellowship. St Peter Claver promotes a worship environment that is visually and spiritually Afrocentric. The Eucharist is the source of the Energy that moves us to community service and evangelization; this is done in concert with other Christian communities under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We are known as the "Little Church with a Big Heart--getting Bigger!!!"
WE are in need of providing support for our dynamic ministries. Our youth ministry hopes to send delegates to the National Catholic Youth Conference. We hope to provide a retreat for married couples who may not have the ability to go on this retreat. We are also committed in providing scholarship for students as we support for a Catholic education, especially with those who are not able to attend but are unable because they need assistance.

485 West 4th St
Lexington, KY 40508

Diocese of Lexington