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St. Pius X Catholic Church (Mission)

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We are called to continue the mission of Jesus. As a people we are called by virtue of our Baptism to minister to one another and to the world. As a parish we strive to form a loving community through ongoing formation, hospitality, worship and justice.
23-year old baby grand piano is in need of total overhaul – lower registers have trouble staying in key – one hammer is broken in lowest register. Adjustable piano bench has not been adjustable for several years – broken lift mechanisms on both sides. Left pedal is not working to create affect. Original price of baby grand piano installed when church was remodeled was approximately $10,000. The space will only accommodate a baby grand – an upright grand piano would not look very well aesthetically and physically for use with the choir. An overhaul of the present piano or purchasing of a refurbished piano would cost around $7000.

5500 Woodson Rd
Mission, KS 66202

Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas