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St. Pius X Catholic Parish (Mobile)

The parishioners of Saint Pius X Parish, called by Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit and by the will of the Father, are committed to ongoing growth as a family of faith. With the Eucharist as the center of our spirituality, we witness to the love of Christ by living the life of the Church in our families, fostering a spirit of unity, reaching out to the broader community and cultivating excellence in Catholic education. With prayer at the heart of all we do, we dedicate ourselves to making God’s work on earth our own.
Enhancements to church to meet changing needs of parishioners - additional restrooms in the rear of the church. Enclosing vestibule to allow parishioners to gather while keeping inside of church quiet for those wishing to pray. Replacing air conditioner in the church.

217 S Sage Ave
Mobile, AL 36606

Archdiocese of Mobile