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St. Therese Catholic Church (Jackson)

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We, the members of St. Therese Parish, recognize our need to grow in a loving relationship with God and one another. Through prayer and belief in God's Word, we recognize the gifts of each person as they are called into loving service by the Holy Spirit. Striving for fuller communion in Christ Jesus, we commit ourselves to be a sign of God's presence in the world. Mindful of our calling, we will strive to respond to the needs of all.
The Lord has blessed St. Therese Church with growth and new life. We are growing and need to add a facility to meet the present and future needs of St.Therese Church. We will construct a building to house the parish office and 10 classroom/meeting rooms, a conference room and a large room for parish gatherings. Our campaign is called "New Life" Capital Campaign/"Nueva VIda" Campaña Economica.

309 W. McDowell Road
Jackson, MS 39204

Diocese of Jackson